Growberry is an independent predictable farming solutions company. We are dedicated to helping our customers maximize the quality and quantity of their produce, and minimizing risk in raw material supply through science and continuous innovation applied to farming processes.

Our mission is to help the world grow plants more sustainably.

We are a collective of visionary, inventive and daring plant enthusiasts, scientists, technology experts and entrepreneurs who set out the single goal of transforming the world of farming for the better.

Growberry’s ultimate vision is a safe and thriving planet for generations to come.

Everything we do is built on the optimal application of expertise and collaboration between different disciplines across farming, research, technology, data science and entrepreneurship to maximise sustainable produce, and to actively contribute to the world’s sustainability agenda


Attila Hudecz has worked in the corporate world for over 15 years, gaining experience in finance, business development and commercialization. Over the past years he also had the opportunity to get involved in various start up projects. As a seasoned business professional, 4 years ago he turned his focus to driving innovation in farming through blending various expertise and disciplines. He is passionate about plants, his team and driving real change in controlled farming across the world. When he isn't busy running the business at Growberry, you can find him in front of the big screen supporting the Patriots, challenging himself at the gym, or enjoying fine dining in Budapest.

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Adam Lipecz has gained unparalleled experience in the engineering space across various areas of precision mechanisms, electro-mechanical systems, MCUs and electronics, while also establishing himself as a respected startup co-founder. Adam acted as a co-creator and co-founder at Codie in 2013; he is now dedicated to setting a new standard for how technology is being deployed for controlled farming solutions. His commitment to innovative engineering solutions is defining how Growberry is continuously expanding its product and service portfolio. While he continues to drive our hardware and digital innovation agenda as our lead of all things technology at Growberry, he also enjoys cycling, he’s an avid BBQ fan and loves a good tech blog.

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